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Who R U ?

This project is to introduce the paper bag man and the lion that I love to draw.

The paper bag man was born out of Spiderman, one of his famous quotes is something like "you can be anyone if you wear a mask..." plus I was helping a friend on a runway at university and I was determined not to, but she said we would wear paper bags and no one would recognise us! So, I've experienced what it's like to hide in a paper bag and it really helps me not to be afraid! Then I kind of realised the 'meaning of the paper bag'. It's kind of like a prop to push you and hypnotise yourself not to be afraid. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

And then there was the lion, who was a companion. For me as a shy kid, I'm really grateful to have grown up with friends who are super outgoing or who inspire each other to be the person I am today! (I'm not just talking about humans here, but also my favourite anime characters hahaha!)

So, this are the two zines of my friends! I believe that YOU will find your lion...

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