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Creative Market

This is a record of the moments that were important to me in my journey with illustration...

MA Graduation Show, 2022

The show was held at the James Hockey Gallery on the UCA Farnham campus. I presented my graduation work - a picture book and the clothes associated with the story.

未命名的作品 42拷貝.png
Window, 2022

My work was exhibited in an independent bookshop in London called ‘bookartbookshop’ and I was selected as one of the poster designers.

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未命名的作品 41拷貝4.png
bookartbookshop poster.PNG
未命名的作品 43拷貝.png
Zine Fair, 2021

The first time I made zines and sold them on campus!

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未命名的作品 46.png
Creative Market, 2021

Some of the creative markets I have attended in Taiwan.

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未命名的作品 47.png
未命名的作品 48.png
未命名的作品 49.png
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